Minifig Minders are minifigures that literally hold your needle!

Each Minifig Minder has a tiny neodymium magnet in the hand, a larger neodymium magnet inside the torso, and a removable neodymium magnet on the back. The hand can now hold a needle, and the torso and back magnets work together to hold the Minifig Minder to your fabric.

Behind the Scenes
CMF Series 25

CMF Series 25

Minifig Minders in the Collectible Minifigures series 25. 

Super Heroes

Super Heroes

Minifig Minders in the Super Hero theme. 

But Wait... There's MORE!

Have you met Geronimo's Friends?

I've been creating and selling blackwork and cross stitch patterns on Etsy for a few years under the shop name Geronimo's Friends. Now they're available here, too! Check them out below.

So who's Geronimo?

Geronimo's Friends